The Frank Woo : Bio

The beginnings of The Frank Woo can be traced back to the more innocent times of the late 80's.

A time when the pinnacle of technology was the Sega Megadrive 2 and kids imitated the moves of the Ultimate Warrior in the school playground while teachers looked on and smiled.

It was at this time when Ben Edwards (aka Charlie J Underwood) and Bevan Dally first met as kids and became best friends. But it wouldn't be until the Spring of 2001 that these blood brothers would morph into the two-headed audio monster that is The Frank Woo.

One listen to The Frank Woo and the experiences of childhood camaraderie are self evident in every note - the raw stench of puberty, the aggression of testosterone, the melodic chaos of a voice breaking. The driving beats of Dally, and the pulsing guitars and gritty vocals of Edwards, give this twosome the same endearing quality of a cocky teenager talking back to his home economics teacher.

This trans-Tasman duo are unlike your typical two piece knock-off, and not just because they live in different countries down under. The Woo are staunchly self sufficient, insisting a hands on approach from start to finish. Song writing, instrumentation, recording, production, promotion, gear carrying - it's all done by the two members themselves, every stitch a labor of love.

"I guess we just like to do stuff...we're kiwis.. we were brought up on the old 'just do it yourself' attitude and it just seems to be work for us...mostly", Ben Edwards.

More recently The Frank Woo were selected to provide the entire soundtrack (including the theme song) for 'Last of the Living' - a high profile independent zombie film set in New Zealand. Not every band has a sound that is conducive to cannibalism and hacking zombies to pieces with chainsaws, but for The Frank Woo it was a match made in heaven.

Want to get your woo fix?

Check out The Frank Woo's debut release "Da Party House Yo" - 6 unadulterated tracks to satisfy your cravings until the long player arrives in the not to distant future...

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